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Feeding Littles

Feeding Littles/Num Num Three Spoon Circus

Feeding Littles/Num Num Three Spoon Circus

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Introduce a third loaded spoon (or fork) when practicing with utensils. Without the struggle to pry the utensil from your child’s hands, mealtime stays more fun and positive and your child may be more likely to continue self-feeding.

This Three Spoon Circus can be used for babies and toddlers who are not quite proficient with dipping/scooping with a spoon or stabbing with a fork. It can also be used with babies who are transitioning off of being spoon fed when parents want to let them self-feed but are nervous to give them whole, non-pureed foods. Watching your baby do it themselves oftentimes builds confidence to try additional textures.

This box includes 6 spoons and a carrying case.

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